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5 days post extended tummy tuck with lipo – drains out and incision healing

I am 5 days post op extended tummy tuck with liposuction. I met with other surgeons in the year prior to my surgery, but I liked Dr. Camp’s demeanor and the kindness of his staff the most. I had done lots of research and reading before my surgery, so I didn’t have a ton of questions but Dr. Camp and his staff were very attentive anyway. Days leading up to surgery I received all my information, follow up dates already scheduled out, instructions. Nothing was left out. I appreciated the quick action & thorough communication (difficult to find in any business these days). Day of surgery- wonderful facility, wonderful staff!! And Dr. Camp is excellent at what he does!! I have had pretty much no pain, which is just amazing to me and I had my drains out today. No issues, and my midsection looks phoenominal even after just 5 days. Incision is healing very well and I really feel great :0)


My Stomach Looks Phenomenal!

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Camp. When I first met him, I knew he was the Doctor! I had three different consults for my tummy tuck. Dr. Camp listened to me and he answered every question I had in detail. He always made me feel very comfortable. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Camp. When I first met him, I knew he was the Doctor! I had three different consults for my tummy tuck. Dr. Camp listened to me and he answered every question I had in detail. He always made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Camp definitely values his work and his results. I have no regrets and my stomach looks phenomenal.


415cc HP Sientra, subglandular I LOVE THEM!

Wow. Where do I begin? Ok I have been thinking about getting boobs for the past 2 years. My boobs completely changed after the birth of my son. It was wishful thinking to believe they would go back to how they were pre pregnancy. I feel like I did so much research before this procedure.I was so stressed about picking a doctor, but when I met with Dr. Camp I just knew he needed to be the one to do my boobs. I was convinced that I would need a breast lift too and was so happy to hear that I didn’t need one. This whole process was so smooth. Jennifer is amazing. I probably called the clinic at least 5 times with questions and she was so patient with me and extremely knowledgeable.Dr. Camp has such a kind and relaxed attitude, which was helpful for me because I was so nervous for this surgery. I had my breast augmentation yesterday and I am literally in minimal pain. I haven’t even needed any of the narcotic pain meds. I love my boobs and I can’t stop staring at them! I couldn’t be happier with the results! Absolutely amazing experience with Dr. Camp and his crew! THANK YOU!


Amazing – I went sub- glandular with 510 extra high profile sientra gummy bee implants

I’ve wanted have more shapely breast since I had my kids. The youngest is 12. 2 kids breast fed. I’m 135 -140 lbs. my width was 12cm and 9 cm from nipple to fold. I went sub- glandular with 510 extra high profile sientra gummy bee implants. I was a 34 c not sure what I am now. Dr Matthew Camp was really good at explaining things and his team was very attentive. I am 7 hours post op and o far I have only slightly pain but am on pain meds. 


Finally got my dream boobs! 32C, 350cc, HP, over muscle

I have been wanting boobs for a LONG time! and I finally did it. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcomes. I visited a few surgeons in the area and landed with Dr. Camp for my surgery. Before surgery I was a 32c and 2 days post op I’m a 30G/H/I depending on what site I’m on.


I have had the absolute best experience with Dr. Camp!

I had an extended tummy tuck with Dr. Camp this past Thursday. I have had the absolute best experience with Dr.Camp! He has an unbelievable talent and a great bedside manor and made me feel very comfortable the whole time! He took the time out of his day after my surgery to text me and follow up personally to see how I was feeling….that’s an amazing care giver!!! He has taken the time to answer all my questions and has made this whole experience great!


Wonderful outcome and comfortable experince, thank you Dr Camp.

Dr Camp is makes every patient feel welcome and comfortable. When I explored options for my plastic surgery in the twin cities area I very quickly decided that Dr Camp and his practice where going to be my specialists through this process. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift performed by Dr. Camp. My breasts are again firm, full, and beautifully lifted. I am 40, had two beautiful boys in my mid 30’s and breast fed them both. An unexpected perk that I didn’t even think of when deciding to get a breast lift was how my breast no longer impede on exercising. Now with a proper sports bra and my breast lift fully healed, my breasts do not slow my running down in the slightest. Over all my breast lift exceeding my expectations and I am very thrilled I had Dr. Camp perform this surgery for me. My tummy tuck took a while for the swelling to go down and can at times still seem to slightly swell considering factors. It’s early June and my surgery was in April. I am not in any pain but I will say the sensitivity around my lower abdomen has been slow to returning. If anything this was simply a very weird experience to have areas of my abdomen that for a short time had little to no feeling on the surface of my skin. As Dr. Camp explained this is normal and my sensations and healing are continuing right on track. Yet again another way Dr. Camp made this experience comfortable. I also very much liked that Dr. Camp provided multiple ways to contact him after the surgery for any questions I had. I did take advantage of this with some odd questions and he was prompt in responding and giving me great advice and guidance. Oh and I overall I look great! I am not letting my shirts hang loose to cover my old tummy, its gone! Every time I have tried on an outfit and focused on the areas of my body where I used to have my insecurities I now focus and then smile. Thank you Dr. Camp! My advise to any one seeking plastic surgery such as the mommy makeover; do your research, approach with reality and practicality, have more than on consultation, but make sure one of them with Dr. Camp because he is the best.


Overwhelmingly friendly, professional, and knowledgeable

From the first phone call to schedule my consultation to leaving the surgery center, Dr Camp and his staff have been overwhelmingly friendly, professional, and knowledgeable! I am in love with my result!


What an Amazing Experience!

Dr. Camp was so friendly and caring throughout the entire process, he answers your calls and questions post-surgery in a very timely manner and is always concerned about your well being. Him and his staff were wonderful and calmed my anxiety in relation to the surgery. He did a wonderful job and I am very happy with the result.


Changed my life! Dr. Camp and staff is the best of the best

All I can say is WOW! I had several other consultations and I left each one feeling a pit in my stomach that something wasn’t right, The minute I met Dr Camp and Jennifer I knew I was in the right place! They are Professional, Honest, Caring, and Knowledgeable. They were able to explain all the options, difference in prices, and answer my questions. I can’t lie- I was very scared to take this step and they calmed my fears with clear, honest answers. Lucky for me there was a cancellation and I was able to get in sooner than expected. The days leading up to surgery Dr Camp and his team answers all last minute questions and made sure I had everything ready. Day of Surgery I was so scared- but let me tell you how wonderful the staff is! My sister drove me in (sober cab lol) and the we met the surgery staff- they are wonderful! They talked, laughed, made jokes, and went out of their way to make sure I was okay and calm. When I woke up the staff was right there by my side to make sure I was comfortable and pain free. Recovery was amazing, Dr Camp was checking in on me personally by phone and I also was able to text him with questions anytime. He actually called me on the weekend while he was on vacation to help me with a question. I really cannot say enough wonderful things about him as a Doctor and his entire staff! The results have changed my life, he is a perfectionist and it shows in the results.


Best Decision I’ve Made

It took me almost 3 years to find the perfect surgeon gor a breast augmentation & tummy tuck. After having several consultations around the Minneapolis area I gave up for awhile since I didn’t feel comfortable with any of the surgeon’s or the pricing. I was very impressed when I had my consultation with Dr Camp & I immediately scheduled my procedures that day. He did an amazing job & I am very happy with my decision. I healed very fast & had my drain tubes taken out on day 4. He even came to my house to remove them! I had very little pain & had no problem being able to stand up straight or walk. His staff is amazing also! They made the process very easy.


I Had an Amazing Experience!

I had a breast reduction by Dr. Camp and he did a fabulous job. I went from a full 36DDD to a 36D. The care and treatment before and after surgery has been wonderful. I have honestly never had a doctor who was so accessible and personable. Not only is he an excellent surgeon, but his bedside manner has been second-to-none. I would highly recommend Dr. Camp to anyone considering plastic surgery.


Phenomenal work!

I am a post bariatric patient & have maintained my weight for 3 years. I am currently 3 weeks out post op from my “mommy makeover” surgery done by Dr. Camp. I have never had children, but the combination of surgeries is the same as a mommy makeover. I lost 168 pounds & my body was devastating for me. My self-esteem was impacted tremendously. I still have such a long way to go in my healing process, but my body looks incredible. Dr. Camp did an amazing job! I am so proud of my body & he has made sure I feel comfortable every step of the way. This surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made.. right next to my choice in surgeon.

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